The Hockey Strength Podcast

Blood Testing to Optimize Performance with Mike Potenza

June 26, 2018

After wrapping up his 12th year as the San Jose Sharks' Strength and Conditioning coach, Mike Potenza is busy organizing and a series of seminars with Jim Lavalle (author, Your Blood Never Lies and Cracking the Metabolic Code) that will teach professionals how to optimize performance with information gathered from blood tests. 

On this episode we will be talking about...

  •  the topics for the upcoming seminars in San Jose and at MBSC in Woburn, Mass.
  • how the sports medicine staff tests the Sharks
  • how the results of individual blood tests guide the decision making and planning for each athlete throughout the season
  • the most common defficiencies in NHL players
  • where to start when considering blood testing

To get more information about the upcoming clinics, head to and find out more.