Back to PRI with Darryl Nelson

December 4, 2017

Today on Episode 61 of the Hockey Strength Podcast, Darryl Nelson and I sit down for an in-person chat. Darryl is the strength coach of the National Team Development Program and co-owner of

On this episode, we cover...

  • Thanksgiving break for the NTDP?
  • What do they STOP doing in the weight room in-season?
  • The use of monitoring with the NTDP players
  • Why the NTDP scrapped morning skates
  • Darry's experience with his most recent PRI course
  • Using PRI in a team setting

It's always fun to talk shop with Darryl, hope you enjoy the conversation. 


Being a Player/Strength Coach and Building a Business with Colin Shields

October 16, 2017

Raised in Scotland, played Jr in Canada, played Division 1 hockey at Maine, and now earns his living playing for the Belfast Giants in Northern Ireland.  Colin Shields has a story that's far from ordinary, but there are pieces that apply to all of us as players and coaches, like...

  • taking on the strength and conditioning duties of your team
  • juggling the teammate/coach relationship
  • bulding a business while still playing professionally 
  • learnining from the best in the business

On Episode 60 of the Hockey Strength Podcast, we are excited to chat with Colin Shields of the Belfast Giants.  Not a lot of x's and o's in this episode, but lots of valuable info for anyone working with pros, or looking to build their own business.


Breathing and performance with Scotty Livingston

September 28, 2017

On this episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast I speak with Scotty Livingston, former NHL Strength coach and now owner of Premier Performance in Montreal, Quebec Canada.  

We catch up with Scotty about his presentation, Harnessing the Power of Breathing, at this summer's Perform Better Summit in Chicago. We also talk about the evolution of the NHL Strength Coach, and get his thoughts on where the profession will be in 10 years.   


On-Ice Conditioning and a Bunch of Other Stuff with Mike Boyle

August 27, 2017

On the 58th episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast, Mike Boyle joins us to talk about on-ice conditioning, consistency in training, BU in the old days, creating buy-in, and what it takes to be in the NHL.


Making Motivation with Mike Stacey

August 9, 2017

Find out the crucial pieces of the motivation puzzle, some barriers that affect your ability to motivate, and how to battle burnout with our guest, Sport Psychologist of the Flint Firebirds, Mike Stacey.


Stats-based analytics with BU’s Kathryn Yates

June 29, 2017

BU Hockey's Director of Analyitics joins us to talk about a different side of the analytics game. These days we focus so much on the use of HR and GPS data that we might forget that there are other parts of the game that can be quantified using something as simple as a game tape. Find out what Kathryn is teasing out to give the Terriers that 1% edge.


The ABC’s of Athletic Development with Joe Sawicki

May 12, 2017

On this episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast, we talk to Joe Sawicki, Director of Sports Medicine at Shattuck-St Mary's School in Fairbault, MN. We talk about the emphasis of the U14 training program at the school that saw helped to develop players like Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Towes, Jack Johnson, and Nathan MacKinnon.


Alphabet Soup with Denver Pioneers’ Matt Shaw

April 24, 2017

Matt Shaw, Director of Sports Performance for the newest NCAA Champs, the Denver Pioneers, joins us to talk about picking and choosing the most valuable aspects from a handful of training and assessment modalities (FRC, RPR, PRI, and FMS to name a few) prepared the Pioneers for a championship season. 


Hockey Butt and Core Training with Darryl Nelson

April 15, 2017

On this episode, the National Team Development Program's Darryl Nelson talks about the prototypical hockey build, why those features are advantageous, and misconceptions we have about core training.


Recovery and Regeneration for Hockey with Devan McConnell

March 31, 2017

On this episode of the Hockey Strength Podacast, Director fo Performance at UMass Lowell, Devan McConnell discusses the different tools and techniques they use to help the players recover from specific training effects. Spoiler alert, it's not always a cold tub!